For years, the Canadian market for online casino games lagged behind that of many other nations. Not anymore. Today, several Canadian provinces have their own provincial casinos: Ontario government launched PlayOLG, British Columbia and Manitoba provinces allow Canucks to play at PlayNow casino, Nova Scotia offers several lotto sites for real money play.
Many international online casinos are specifically targeting Canada and making games that are specifically appealing to Canadian players. That has caused a groundswell of interest in Canada in the online casino game scene.
Canada is now ranked as one of the best places for the online casino. More custom fixes to appeal to those who live in Canada will continue this online casino trend.
Online Casino Games for Canada
The selection of specific online casino games that have appeal to the Canadian market was something that caused an immediate increase in Canadian demand. Games based on Canadian themes and elements of popular culture in Canada formed the basis of these changes to Canadian online casinos. Games that lacked a connection for the average Canadian player have been dropped from online casinos that target the Canadian market. Other games have been hosted and evaluated based on the feedback from Canadian customers. All this make online casino sites that are popular in Canada. Along with special billing solutions that support Canadian currency, it has helped the online casinos take off in Canada.
Online Billing for Canadian Online Casinos
Not every billing solution can work globally specific countries with their own currencies need special secure and convenient billing programs so that people can use the currency of their choice to play online casinos. Canada is no exception. For a long time, few of the online billing partners supported Canadian currency. Players were forced to convert their cash to U.S. Dollars before placing wagers. This made them lose money in commissions and conversions fees. Today, there are many online billing programs, like InstaDebit or iDebit, that directly support Canadian currency. That means that playing online casinos has never been more secure, convenient, and cost-effective for Canadian customers. Along with all the games that are specific to Canada, the new billing programs have helped propel usage of online casinos in Canada to among the top in the world. At least in North America, the percentage of Canadian players rivals that of the U.S.

The Future for Online Gaming in Canada
The future of online casinos in Canada is looking very bright. Other suppliers looking to emulate what has happened in Canada in other countries should take note of what the online casinos did to appeal to the Canadian market. Providing games that appeal to the targeted audience and payment solutions that work with the currency directly is a good start.