Meet a magnificent payment method that appeared in 2005 due to the Dutch company Currence. It is called iDEAL (previously known as PaySpark) and it is the example of the modern, quick, and trustworthy banking option you can use for online purchases. Moreover, iDEAL offers the top-notch services to online casino gamblers. Millions of people are using iDEAL every day and cannot conceal their satisfaction. These lucky people, however, are primarily Dutch and EU citizens because iDEAL is available only in the Netherlands and in the countries-members of the EU.

What is So Cool about iDEAL?
iDEAL is the perfect example of the online banking services that will not make a customer wait long to complete the necessary operation. It works on the principle of the real-time transfers. Understandably, a client will be able to use iDEAL only after creating an account in one of the banks that supports this payment option. Friesland Bank, Van Lanschot Bankiers, RegioBank, ASN Bank are just a few of financial institutions we can label as the iDEAL-friendly ones. Apart from the reliability and the high-quality e-commerce it provides, iDEAL have the mobile version. The founders keep pace with time and offer their clients the superb mobile application and the iDEAL mobile site. Thus, Dutch players can benefit from this payment method, deposit and take money wherever they want.
Deposits and Withdrawal with iDEAL
Ask any seasoned gambler who plays in online casinos in Netherlands about the most frequently-used e-banking option and the answer will certainly be iDEAL. It is true, popular casinos, such as Eurogrand Casino, Scasino, Karamba Casino,, etc. eagerly accept iDEAL and allow players deposit money via this payment option. There is one nuance though. Not all of them will let you withdraw money, in the same way, so you should check this in advance.
Thus, how are iDEAL casinos deposits and withdrawal processed? Let us explain in detail. You are gambling in a favourite casino and want to spend some money on the play. You have to find the iDEAL icon on the page, click on it and select your bank in the pop-up window. Once completes, the procedure continues on the login page of your bank. You should fill in all the codes, security checks, and other details. Then you choose the sum and enter the casino's requisites. The process of confirmation comes in two stages and only then, you will see the casino’s site again. After a few minutes, you will notice the deposited sum on the screen and be able to continue the play. The withdrawal process is very much alike the deposit procedure. You go through all the stages, double confirm your identity, and get the access to the money you have won in the casino. Remember though you can do all this using your smartphone or tablet.
Reasons to use iDEAL Banking Methods
The first and foremost advantage of iDEAL is the 100% security of transfers and protection of the personal information. They apply all the security codes and authentication conformations to avoid security leaks. One more obvious plus is the clear and intuitive deposit/withdrawal operations and their immediate completion. It is hard to ignore the fact the iDEAL offers its services to mobile users. One more factor the customers find important is the possibility to upload money through iDEAL to their e-wallets and cards. At last, the complete anonymity is guaranteed and no one can find out your personal data. This is crucial for many online casino players.
Are there some cons? Of course, there is nothing perfect in our world and iDEAL is no exception. Its disadvantages though are not connected with security or money transfers. They are – the availability of iDEAL only in the Netherlands and EU; the limited number of casinos offering withdrawals via iDEAL, and there is no way to return the requested deposits back.
However, advantages of using iDEAL are much more numerous and important that it will not take long to understand the admiration of Dutch players. We give our approval and recommend iDEAL to other gamblers looking for a respected, trustworthy, and reliable e-banking option.